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Healy Communications’ Client Manager Ciara McDonagh looks at the growth in podcasting and why companies need to be considering it.

If you’re in business, you have a story to tell. Podcasting is becoming a central part of presenting a business message to current and potential clients.

The Growth in Podcasting

The power of podcasting was illustrated recently by the UK’s RAJAR radio listening figures. Zoe Ball holds top spot at breakfast time with her BBC Radio 2 show with a weekly listenership of 7.9 million. It’s pretty good, but podcasts have topped that, with weekly listenership now standing at 8.1 million people. It hasn’t surprised the team at Healy Communications, after all Jonathan’s ‘Red Business’ podcast has already clocked up 130 episodes over several years. We’re confident podcast listenership is set to grow significantly in Ireland too, particularly as more and more car audio systems sync with mobile phones.

A range of our clients across various sectors are now beginning to produce their own podcasts. As we’ve advised, there are many benefits. First – the direct line to the customer, without a host/journalist needing to direct the conversation. Secondly, the versatility of a podcast is highly attractive to creative clients.   Early podcasts typically consisted of two people talking to each other, but these days listeners and clients demand more from the medium.

The Opportunities Presented by Podcasting

For example, why not take the listener to the factory floor…head out to the project manager on site…talk to the HR director about recruitment in the sector or visit a local amenity and hear how your business has helped improve its community?

Best of all, as technology has evolved so too have listener’s attitudes to branded content.  People are now more accepting of branded content once it has strong editorial focus and engaging content.  Our experience in producing award winning radio programmes and news coverage sets us apart from the competition in this regard.

Get in Touch

If you would like to explore the benefits of podcasting for your brand, then give us a call or drop us an email.


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