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Have you ever wondered if PR could be an asset to your business strategy? Maybe you’ve seen your network contacts or even a competitor being featured in the media and questioned if it might be an avenue open to you, but you don’t know what could possibly catch a journalist’s attention.

At Healy Communications we have successfully built relationships with customers in sectors from pharma to hospitality to cybersecurity and HR. Each is different in terms of the message they want to share with current or potential customers, competitors and the general public.

However, one thing their teams have in common is their position as experts on their own business.

If an organisation comes to us with an announcement it wants to make, for example an exciting business acquisition or workforce expansion, shaping and sharing that becomes our priority.

However, if the aim is to raise its profile in general, we get straight down to understanding the business – what it does, where it’s come from, where it’s going, and who’s part of the team. It’s through this process that we often uncover pieces of information that we know can form the basis of a great story.

Our customers are busy running their businesses. They often don’t have time to stand back and realise the potential appetite for the information they have to share. It may be that they produce a regular research report that gives insight into industry activity that no-one else can access. Maybe they’re tracking a trend in sales that points to a growing problem in their market. Perhaps someone on their team is the country’s foremost expert on one aspect of their business.

Identifying these features is a key part of our service at Healy Communications. They can pop up in the briefest of mentions during the course of a meeting, but our role is to identify them, expand what we know and can share, work with the customer to shape the message and get it in a pitch to the right media contacts.

It’s so rewarding for all concerned when we succeed in sharing information about a client which they had never realised would be of value outside their organisation. Just as customers are experts in their business, the team at Healy Communications are experts at spotting something that could make a great story for a journalist. Might you be sitting on information that could be key to making a splash in the media? Why not give us a call and find out?

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