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RedFM’s RED BUSINESS – Business Podcast for Cork 

Episode 221 – January 7th, 2022

Presented by Jonathan Healy, Red Business for RedFM is the first dedicated business podcast for Cork hosted by renowned Irish Radio Broadcaster Jonathan Healy.

On this week’s Red Business Podcast with IBEC :

We hear from Rosie Mansfield of Premier TEFL, a company built on a 15-year career teaching English as a foreign language – Our first guest on the Red Business in Focus video series.


Rosie Mansfield Managing Director Premier TEFL

Bernard Yore of Eirdata – a firm with over a decade of expertise in air quality – tells us how they can easily monitor levels of everything from CO2 to radon and even noise levels in a room.

Business Podcast for Cork

Group CEO, ESS Ltd, and Eirdata Ltd

And Karen O’Reilly from Employflex gauges the changing attitudes to new ways of working among employers and employees.

Business Podcast for Cork

Karen O’Reilly, ACCA · Founder – EmployFlex and EmployMum

Contact us to see how podcasting can help your brand.

If you’re in business, you have a story to tell. Podcasting is becoming a central part of presenting a business message to current and potential clients.

In business as in life, nothing is better than a story told well and each one is different. At Healy Communications we get to the core of your value proposition. A range of our clients across various sectors are now beginning to produce their own podcasts.

Thanks to our decades of radio experience, the Healy Communications team knows there are times when sound is key to bringing a story to life.

Episode 220 – December 3rd, 2021