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Enda Brady joins Media Training team at Healy Communications

Name a crisis and I have covered it.

I’ve known Jonathan Healy for two decades, between Sky News and Newstalk, and two things I’ve always admired about him are his energy and his honesty. He’s a brilliant media professional who knows exactly the right line to take on any story. I’m proud to be joining Healy Communications.

What I want to bring to the team is a level of experience that only comes from working at the top level, as he has. There are so many media trainers out there right now who don’t have the experience or the standing in the industry that we have. You need to be current and relevant and completely committed to bringing the best out of each client.

I’ve worked with some world-class communicators over the past 25 years in the media. The one thing they all have in common is that they take their communication seriously. Great interviews rarely happen by accident. Instead they’re planned, thought out and worked on.

I get a real buzz from coaching, taking good people and turning them into great speakers. Name a crisis and I have covered it. That level of confidence only comes from having done it live on TV when it mattered. It’s absolutely a skill that can be taught, and I really enjoy showing clients how they can give their own communication skills a turbo-charge.

You also need to listen to what each client wants. Understanding where they are coming from and where they want to get to is vital. Only then can you make progress.

I’ve worked with business leaders, CEOs, elite sports people and governing bodies over the past two decades and it’s a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing that they place such value in getting their communication right. It’s a privilege to help people tell their stories. I always tell them that they are the expert and I’m here to help them get their message across in a way that the media will love and the public will understand.

I can’t wait to get working with Jonathan and his team. For me, this is a perfect partnership. I’m proud to be the newest member of the team.  

Meet the team.

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