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The relationship with a PR advisor – in Cork, Dublin, or anywhere – is like any other in business – it works best with strong communication and this is crucial to remember when considering hiring a PR team.

Be as clear as you can when you’re communicating your business vision to your advisors – remember, you’re the expert on this one and they can’t advise you on anything you don’t tell them.

A good PR team will encourage you to share plenty of information about your enterprise. Tell them what’s important to you and why. Items on your radar in the coming months – new ventures, hiring rounds, fresh investments, new premises or renovations are obvious opportunities for positive messaging.

The objective view of an external PR team means they can spot potential opportunities you could miss. Perhaps you’ve a county hurler on your apprentice team. Maybe you began your career as a chef but now you’re a data centre site lead. Maybe your charity has had a low-key campaign running for a couple of years and is finally reaching its funding target.

At all stages, you need to be able to communicate effectively with each other, to improve and refine your message.  A PR advisor’s expertise then comes into play when they present to you their vision of your business and how and where they would position it.

A good PR team will work with you to craft a message that’s authentic to your brand and use its expertise to maximise its potential audience reach and engagement.  Don’t expect guarantees when it comes to media coverage – a PR team you can trust will be honest with you about how they expect your message to land.

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