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Media training is designed to teach you how to communicate your message to journalists in an impacting way effectively.


Going into an interview without being prepared, increases the likelihood of being misquoted


Getting interviewed by the media is a lot like riding a bike; the more you do it, the more you improve. If you’ve never had media training, it’s like keeping the training wheels on your bike. Yes, you will still move, but you won’t reach your full potential.


Not All Coverage Is Good

If you want to get more media coverage, it’s essential that you are regularly seen and heard in the media.

Going into an interview without being prepared increases the likelihood of being misquoted. Media training can help you avoid this happening by learning clear, concise, and practical communication skills.

What media training can help you achieve – 

  1. Learn how to speak in a way that people take notice
  2. Define your key messages and 
  3. Develop prepared responses to difficult questions

What we Do

Healy Communications offer Media Training services to equip you and your teams with the skills required to deal with the media in all circumstances. Broadcaster Jonathan Healy leads the media training team. 

Jonathan’s experience and expertise will help to make you a more polished spokesperson, business leader or elected official. Jonathan is a familiar name and can be seen and heard regularly across the airwaves and on TV, having worked in radio, television and online media for over two decades.

He has been a presenter with Newstalk 106-108fm and a senior correspondent with Sky News, with his work featuring prominently on both stations.

 Jonathan also has experience working with TV3, RTE, FM104, The Cork Independent and Cork’s 96fm.


Media Training

Broadcaster and Healy Communications MD, Jonathan Healy


Having conducted thousands of interviews with people from all walks of Irish life, Jonathan Healy is a skilled interviewer and proven cross-platform content creator with extensive contacts across politics, business and public relations throughout the country.

Jonathan is also a proven event facilitator and engaging MC


Media Training

Host Jonathan Healy IGNITE Awards and Showcase 2021

How It Works

90 minutes session

1 on 1 support to carefully plan the route to market for specific messaging.

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